OC Home Prices are on the Rise — And that’s a Good Thing!

On the basketball court, rebounds are a good thing. It’s also great news when it comes to real estate and Orange County’s home prices are on the rebound. Depending on which side of the fence you’re on, it could be either be a blessing or a curse. For companies who want top talent to relocate here, they are going to be paying a premium, and for builders who have been waiting for the market to turn, prices are starting to spin in the right direction. There have been trends over the past decades that track the ups and downs of Orange County home prices and fortunately, this roller coaster has become more steady and less of a white-knuckle ride. With its mild climate, 42 miles of coastline and a suburban, family-friendly influence, Orange County is a well-established destination for homebuyers as well as many Fortune 500 companies who have their headquarters here, and these elements will always factor into the mix regarding OC’s appeal — in good times and bad. While development has been profitable for some and an economic challenge for others, the bottom line is that the rising cost of housing is the news our industry has been hoping for.

Sandy Keedy, President and Creative Director