OCR Launches Paywall and That’s Good News for Advertisers and Marketers in Homebuilding

All the news that’s fit to print, well kind of. Gone are the days when you could go online and read the Orange County Register for free. This major news publication recently launched an online paywall and that means readers have to buy a subscription or pay a daily rate to access the website. While the paper is by no means abandoning their print version, which is still extremely popular and circulation is growing, they recognize the value of digital content. If you’re wondering how this latest development can boost marketing, consider that online content is sophisticated, banners can be animated and sliding billboards are great for promoting big homebuilding events. It’s also important to recognize that people seeing your new homes ad already have a vested interest in frequenting the website for information on residential real estate and could present a more qualified buyer. The Register also believes that expanding their engaged subscriber base is also the strongest means to enhance their advertisers’ business.

With more than 400 newspapers in North America implementing paywalls as of March 18, according to News & Tech, The Register is just the latest publication to get onboard with having readers ‘pay to play.’ It’s an exciting time, so pick up the paper at the newsstand or get behind that paywall on your smart phone or iPad for the latest news updates and advertising campaigns — we’ll be there!

Sandy Keedy, President and Creative Director