The Growing Popularity Of Clean Slate Brands

We all have our favorite brands of coffee, jeans and even social media, but lately, there has been a dramatic shift in the business world. Consumers are being exposed to a new generation of exciting brands and as a result, many are abandoning established companies with heritage and history. Believe it or not, popular brands people normally gravitate to are now considered baggage, with tired or tainted products they no longer feel compelled to purchase. For now, it looks like Clean Slate Brands are the new ‘IT’ for marketing.

It may seem surprising that consumers are drawn to unproven and unknown brands, but there are several notable factors motivating this trend. For example, Clean Slate Brands are newer, better, faster, cleaner, more open and responsive, and consumers are increasingly shifting their attention and valuable dollars in their direction. Today’s society is driven by a desire for new, which for many of us, truly means better, plus, there is a growing distrust of big business. It’s also important to consider the other meaningful forces driving this trend — personal recommendations from family and friends, the appeal of ‘new business values’ that emphasize higher environmental, ethical and social standards, as well as practices that are more transparent. Clean Slate Brands are especially well versed in social media and they connect with consumers in a way that older brands often struggle to achieve. Let’s face it, the business world is changing at a dizzying pace and it looks like the upstarts are making waves where it counts — in our hearts, minds and wallets.

Sandy Keedy, President and Creative Director