Tips on Getting Women Homebuyers to Say Yes!

There’s no doubt about it, women have plenty of strong opinions and when it comes to marketing new homes, marketers need to dazzle the female demographic. Or as some experts like to say, “Remember, it’s all about her.” The significance of wooing women is actually well documented and statistics reveal that women make 91% of homebuying decisions and that 20% of homebuyers are single women. While the following is pretty much based on human nature and the dynamics of relationships, homebuilders should still take note that if you convince the woman in a partnership to buy, the man will usually follow. From the marketing message to social media, here are some tips and strategies that just might make the difference and inspire women to commit to a new home purchase.

* Incorporate brighter colors and more lifestyle images in your advertising that engage women with a story they can relate to.

* Websites should include videos and virtual tours to make the online experience compelling and interactive.

* Women like to offer their opinions and it’s important to engage them in conversation where they can provide feedback. Social media is a great way to poll for views on topics ranging from favorite kitchen designs to color preferences, in essence, providing an online forum where women can have their voices heard.

* The homebuying process takes time and marketers must find creative ways to keep their product in front of women and to elevate their profile with eblasts or tweets regarding events and promotions to keep the audience in the loop and connected.

* Sell women on the benefits of your homes on a level that translates to real life experiences. Explain how amenities can actually save time as well as money, and even reduce stress. Don’t just list what’s in a new home, smart women want to know how it will make our lives better.

Remember, when all is said and done, the key to a woman’s heart and mind is to gain her trust and inspire confidence in the homes you are building. If you can accomplish that, you will have earned a loyal customer for life.

Sandy Keedy, President and Creative Director